UPDATED! Your expanded Arlington neighborhood lights tour is here!

December 8, 2020

Arlington neighbors are going ALL OUT this holiday season!  I covered some perennial favorites, as well as a few gems that we have stumbled upon by happy circumstance. It's far from an exhaustive list, and I apologize in advance because I am sure I am leaving some awesome houses off it.  So don't be shy about adding suggestions in the comments!  After the map, read on for some more fun attractions just a little outside of Arlington!

Driving tour: Do it clockwise or counter clock-wise, and don't feel like you have to do see them all (this is over an hour of driving!) Keep both eyes on the road until you can safely pull over and marvel at these masterpieces.  Pull over in a safe place. Try to wear something reflective as you get out and admire, and be aware of other drivers that might be distracted by lights too. Ok, now that the safety brief is done, crank up the Christmas carols, break out the hot chocolate thermos, and have a great night!

114 N Jackson Street, 22201 

3701 S 19th Street, 22204 

1813 S Oakland Street, 22204 

1620 S Quincy Street, 22204 

523 S Harrison Street, 22204 

5927 5th Road N, 22203 

5943 5th Road N, 22203

6092 8th Place N, 22205

1150 N Ivanhoe Street, 22205

2330 N Powhatan St, 22205

5265 N 26th Street, 22207

3601 John Marshall Drive, 22207

3140 N Piedmont Street, 22207

1610 N Abingdon Street, 22207

1713 N Quebec Street, 22207

3515 7th Street N, 22201


These houses in the local area take it to the next level with full on synchronized music and light shows: 

1. The Gaffney family light show and fundraiser in South Arlington: The Gaffney family is putting on a socially-distanced, holiday music lightshow fundraiser for the Arlington Food Assistance Center! Their house is at the corner of S. 22nd St and S. Ives. The show is approximately 25 minutes and occurs at 7pm from December 17 - January 1.  See the flyer here for more information and how to donate on-site.  

2.  The Ni Family Lights in Vienna, VA, 2528 Drexel St:  Based on this light show, The Ni Family seems pretty awesome, frankly speaking. The 2020 Christmas show will run from Wednesday, 11/25 and through New Years Eve, Thursday 12/31. Times are 5:00pm-9:30pm Sun-Thr and 5:00pm-10:00pm Fri/Sat at 2528 Drexel St Vienna, VA 22180.  What fun people these must be! Picture won't do it justice - you NEED to see their show preview on Facebook here

3. Musical lights at Vine Church, 2501 Gallows Road, Vienna, VA: From the same family that brings you the Ni lights!  This display is as awesome, with a spiritual/lyrical feel.  Plus on Saturdays they have s'mores and a firepit. See a YouTube preview here

4. 8505 Forest Road, Annandale VA: A 35 minute light show set to music just a short drive from Arlington.  What a great neighbor! 

5. 5633 Inverchapel Road in Springfield, VA: A 45(!!!) minute light show set to music that you can tune into on your radio station- so delightfully over the top!

And finally, some neighborhoods collaborated with some super-fun and creative displays: 

Fairlington village: reportedly goes all out – check it out!

Del Ray: An entire Del Ray, Alexandria  neighborhood has a "Holiday Card" lane tradition featuring ENORMOUS cards in the front yards – more than 30 over 3 blocks. Start on Mount Vernon Avenue and turn onto the 300 block of East Luray Avenue. At Commonwealth Avenue, make a right and then another right on East Alexandria Avenue. Walk it or drive it. 

Marshal Pond Christmas Village, Burke, VA: 8 lights-loving neighbors collaborate yearly to deck out their cul-de-sac in a phenomenal light display.  You can catch an aerial view here.  Check out their Facebook group for updates and announcements.  Use the address 10108 Marshall Pond Rd, Burke in your GPS and be forewarned - this display is getting more and more popular, so there may be a line of cars waiting and lots of people about.   Please social distance and use a mask!

Click HERE to get a FREE kid-friendly guide for Arlington, VA and surrounding areas full of events and suggestions for activities like this!  Have fun out there!