Celebrating 50 Years of Girls With Game in Little League

'Girls now, if they can see it, they can be it.'

By Macaroni KID March 5, 2024

This year, Little League® Baseball and Softball celebrates a significant milestone — 50 years of girls stepping up to the plate at the Little League Softball® World Series. Little League is marking this anniversary not just by reflecting on its past achievements but also by looking forward to continued progress. They have set a goal that Little League will offer equal opportunities for participation among girls in the program by 2032.

"To truly be a program for all, we need to be intentional about leading with equity," says Nina Johnson-Pitt, Little League Senior Strategy Executive.

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Here's just a small glimpse of what Little League has meant to female players and coaches through the years:

Krista and her daughter.

Inspiring the next generation: Krista (Schermerhorn) Bordeleau

Krista played on a Little League team as a child. Now a mom, this Licensed Clinical Behaviorist decided to step up as a volunteer coach when her girls were old enough to play.

"Young girls who see women loving sports, engaging in competition, advocating and speaking up, and serving in leadership roles, gain an automatic sense of ‘I can do that too!’ This growth mindset supports their continued involvement in sports, but more importantly, their continued strength as they reach for their goals in life," Krista says. "Playing an active role in passing on a ‘yes girls can’ mindset to teams of young players in my community is incredibly rewarding."

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Championing equity through sports: Nina Johnson-Pitt

Now in her 18th year with Little League as an executive, Nina Johnson-Pitt is also a mom to daughters who have played on Little League teams.

"Through sports, I’ve watched my girls gain confidence and strength. They’ve learned how to both win and lose gracefully and keep each in the proper perspective. They’ve navigated how to work with others and their differences for the benefit of the team. They’ve made friends and learned about time management. They’ve learned that things aren’t always fair, but to stay focused on what is in their control. They also know that their worth is not dependent on how they perform on any given day," she says. "I genuinely believe that all of these skills will set them up for success in whatever path they choose."

From player to announcer: Jenny Dalton-Hill

In 1989, Jenny Dalton-Hill participated in the Little League Softball World Series and went on to enjoy a career as a baseball and softball player and broadcaster. In 2022, she became the seventh woman enshrined in the Little League Hall of Excellence, the highest honor that Little League can bestow.

"Now 33 years after that I get to come and be an announcer for ESPN and talk about those little girls," she says. "So it's been a full circle moment for me to not just be inducted into the Hall of Excellence but to also be able to represent little girls around the world that want to be able to be in this arena. When I was playing, I didn't have the dream to be a professional athlete because I didn't see anyone in my arena. Girls now, if they can see it, they can be it."

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